Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research (ISSN: 2342-2009) is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic journal published by the Finnish Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy Researchers (Suomen science fiction- ja fantasiatutkimuksen seura ry.) from 2014 onwards. The journal is published in electronic format four times a year.

Fafnir aims at serving as an international forum for scholarly exchange on science fiction and fantasy and for discussion on current issues on the field. In order to achieve this, the journal introduces and develops research focusing on science fiction and fantasy literature, audiovisual art, games, and fan culture by providing an interdisciplinary perspective into the research within these genres.

In addition to this, one of the objectives of Fafnir is to rejuvenate and join up the Nordic field of science fiction and fantasy research. Although Fafnir is not limited to Nordic issues and themes, they are regularly addressed in special issues such as the ones introducing the proceedings of the FINFAR meetings (the seminars of science fiction and fantasy research in Finland).

Fafnir publishes various texts ranging from peer-reviewed research articles to short overviews, essays, interviews, opinion pieces and academic book reviews on any subject suited to the paper.

The main language of the journal is English, but articles are also published in Finnish or in the Scandinavian languages. In future, this website will also contain a special section on Nordic research, with information on publications, reviews and university theses on science fiction and fantasy.

If you are interested in submitting an article or an essay, an interview, a book review etc. to Fafnir, please see our submission guidelines. If you have any other ideas or further questions concerning the journal, please contact the editors-in-chief.

Fafnir also has a Facebook group devoted to discussion on science fiction and fantasy, feel free to join in!

In 2015, Fafnir was classified in Publication Forum (Julkaisufoorumi), which is a classification of publication channels created by the Finnish scientific community to support the quality assessment of academic research. Fafnir‘s classification is 1 (basic level).