Fafnir wins World Fantasy Award!

We are proud and exhilarated to announce that Fafnir has won a World Fantasy Award in the Special Award – Non-Professional category. Here is our acceptance speech delivered in the awards ceremony by our editors-in-chief:

We’re thrilled to be accepting this award, the first World Fantasy Award ever given to an academic journal, and we congratulate our fellow nominees. The award validates the importance of open-access speculative fiction scholarship as a rich contribution to the discourse about who we are as human beings and who we want to be.

Fafnir has been publishing for only six years, and it’s been the work of many talented people. We’d like to first mention the other two team members who make Fafnir possible. Dr. Dennis Wise, our reviews editor, MLA guru, and Swiss army knife of academic editors, has built Fafnir’s book-review section up from about three reviews per year to over 15, keeping scholars up to date on recent work in the field; worked to get Fafnir accepted into the Directory of Open-Access Journals; and initiated work on our style sheet, our recent journal redesign, and our newly liberalised copyright policy.

Our managing editor, Ms. Jaana Hakala, is similarly multitalented: she modestly characterizes her wizardry as “just wrapping whatever you give to me in as nice a package as I can with the tools I have”, but that entails typesetting, layout, document management, and website management for each issue, as well as serving as an abundant font of institutional memory.  Dennis and Jaana’s skills and professionalism are crucial to producing a quality journal.

We’d like to thank all the other people who have made this very great honor possible: the board and members of our publishers, the Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research; our advisory board; the editors-in-chief who have served before us and built Fafnir from the ground up; the authors who send us their research; the peer reviewers who graciously donate their time and expertise to advance the field of speculative-fiction scholarship; our readers; the World Fantasy Award judges, the convention, and the broader speculative-fiction community. 

Meillä on kunnia jatkaa työtämme osana tätä eloisaa yhteisöä ja olla mukana näyttämässä maailmalle, miten ajatella uusia ajatuksia, uneksia uusia unelmia ja rakentaa uusia tulevaisuuksia.

Vi är hedrade att fortsätta vårt arbete med denna livfulla gemenskap för att visa världen hur man tänker nya tankar, drömmer nya drömmar och bygger upp nya framtidsutsikter.

We are honored to continue our work with this vibrant community as we all show the world how to think new thoughts, dream new dreams, and build new futures.

Kiitos, tack, thank you.