Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research, Volume 7, Issue 1, pages 6–7.

Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Esko Suoranta, Laura E. Goodin, & Dennis Wilson Wise

Editorial 1/2020


Welcome to the new issue of Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research. Cheryl Morgan opens the proceedings with her essay on the science-fictionality of Janelle Monáe. Morgan explores her career, music, and intersectional take on the android allegory, where the figure of the android is purposed, in a new chapter of a long tradition, to speak to issues of discrimination and oppression.

This issue’s two research articles look at various works and forms through a geopolitical lens. Priteegandha Naik’s article “The Science- Fictionalisation of Globalisation and Image Advertising in Harvest by Manjula Padmanabhan” suggests that the dystopian SF play from 1998 makes both globalisation and advertising into novums. Padmanabhan’s play is seen to be an example of intermediary Indian SF that directs attention to the intersections of, for example, technology and Indian society. Sarah MacKinnon charts new territory with her “Seasteads and Aquapelagos: Introducing Nissology to Speculative Fiction Studies,” in which she brings the emerging field of island studies to bear on works of speculative fiction as varied as Waterworld, Dissolution, and Snow Crash. MacKinnon argues that fictional examples of seasteading are often reactions to catastrophes rather than devices for utopian thinking.

In addition, we present a wealth of book reviews: Tony M. Vinci’s review of Reconfiguring Human, Nonhuman and Posthuman in Literature and Culture, edited by Sanna Karkulehto, Aino-Kaisa Koistinen, and Essi Varis; Sara Hays’s review of Jackie C. Horne’s Conversations with Madeleine L’Engle; James Hamby’s review of Shawn Malley’s Excavating the Future: Archaeology and Geopolitics in Contemporary North American Science Fiction and Television; Sarah M. Gawronski’s review of Dean Conrad’s Space Sirens, Scientists, and Princesses: The Portrayal of Women in Science Fiction Cinema; A. J. Drenda’s review of Douglas E. Cowan’s Magic, Monsters, and Make-Believe Heroes: How Myth and Religion Shape Fantasy Culture; Amanda Dillon’s review of Once and Future Antiquities in Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Brett M. Rogers and Benjamin Eldon Stevens; and Dennis Wilson Wise’s review of C. Palmer-Patel’s The Shape of Fantasy: Investigating the Structure of American Heroic Epic Fantasy.

We are currently accepting submissions to be considered for issue 1/2021; the call for papers follows this editorial and submission guidelines can be found at http://journal.finfar.org/for-authors/submission-guidelines/.

As ever, we hope this issue finds you well and casts you off in pursuit of even more inspired research into all that is SF.

Live long and prosper!
Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Esko Suoranta, and Laura E. Goodin, Editors-in-chief
Dennis Wise, Reviews Editor
Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research